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Air Seasoned Ash Barrow Bag

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Wood Type: Ash - Air Seasoned (Ready to Burn Certified)

This wood is from local sources, either our own woodland or land close by in North Somerset and been seasoned in our wood barn to below 20% moisture content.

Bag Sizes: 

  • Country Barrow Bag: 45cm x 45cm x 95cm
  • City Barrow Bag: 40cm x 40cm x 85cm

Delivery: Free weekly delivery

About Ash 

Ash is considered by many as the best UK firewood available. It burns at an optimum speed that provides a strong heat with few sparks. Ash is a member of the olive tree family and contains oils that enhance the burning potential. Another huge advantage of using ash is that it has a low moisture content. If we look at other hardwoods freshly felled we see that their moisture content is about 50% water. Freshly felled Ash (green ash) on the other hand has only around 30% moisture content.

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