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Barrow Bags

Our barrow bags are the perfect shape and size for delivering logs to homes of all shapes and sizes. These bags enable us to easily transport logs to your home and, when required, take the logs through the house to the back garden. Thanks to the ridged design of the bags they are able to stay standing, which makes storing them even easier.



About 'City' Barrow Bags

Our 'city' barrow bags are the ideal size for taking through most terraced houses to the back yard. If you have a particularly narrow hallway you may find our 'city' bags are best, with dimensions of 40-40-85cm.

About 'Country' Barrow Bags

Perfect for stocking-up for the cold season, Backwell Logs has a new size of barrow bag, which gives you roughly 25% more fuel. The 'country' bags are the same design as the 'city' bags but are a little larger in dimension at 45-45-95cm.


There is approximately 30% more wood in a Country bag compared to a City bag!

♻️ We recycle Barrow Bags: every time you reorder logs from us, we'll take away your empty Barrow Bags and reuse them.