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Our New Barrow Bags

Posted by Amy Langan on

The 2018/19 log season sees the introduction of our new smarter, easier to handle Barrow Bags.

So what’s different with these Barrow Bags?

  • They are slightly smaller but easier to pack
  • They keep their shape better
  • They go through doorways without chipping the paintwork
  • They are lighter for our staff to handle. 

With these changes it does mean that there are fewer logs on average, but the number of logs is very dependent on size anyway. A better was of putting it is the average weight is lighter.

Don’t worry though, prices have been reduced accordingly. Although it might not seem so in the case of Ash where growing shortages of Ash, due to diseases such as Dieback has pushed the price well above average.

You can read a full report on the price of ash here.

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