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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any special offers?


We currently have no active discount codes, but please keep checking here and our socials for updates.

How do I use discount codes?

In order to take advantage of one of our special offers when placing an order online you will need to use the appropriate discount code when paying for your order. Discount codes can be found both on the table above and on product pages. If you are ordering by telephone our team will be able to automatically apply and offer your order qualifies for.

How big is a Barrow Bag?

Our Regular bags are 40cmx40cmx90cm. Barrow Bags are an ideal size for taking through most terraced house to the back yard where they are free standing and come with their own lid. If you have a particularly narrow hallway you may find our Regular Barrow Bags are best.

How many logs in a Barrow Bag?

It is impossible for us to give an exact number of logs per bag as all logs vary in size which results in a different number in all our bags. Please see each product for an estimate of logs each the different types. 


How do I pay for my order?

We accept both credit and debit card payments which can be made when buying through our website or when ordering by phone.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver firewood to much of the Greater Bristol area. For more detailed information on where we deliver, how much delivery costs and when we deliver please visit our delivery page.

Can we keep the bags the logs come in?

If you can return the bags to us in good condition they can be recycled and used again but you are welcome to keep the bags if you find a good use for them.

Can you recommend a good chimney sweep?

Yes we can! If you're looking for a good chimney sweep then give Bruce at Best Sweep a call. You can find all their details at their website: