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What type of logs do Backwell Logs supply?

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We are often asked what the difference is between the various types of logs we supply. 


Well, there are many differences, such as wood type, size of log and quality. 


We offer Ash, Oak and Birch but increasingly we find that we can offer variants such as Hornbeam and Yew. 


Ash always burns well and is the most popular of firewood, but Oak is gaining in popularity especially for Pizza Ovens. Many feel Birch offers better value for money. 


Our ‘Premium Logs’ are all of a regular length and look good where logs are stacked next to each other by the fireside but for most, our standard grade mixed length logs meet their requirements and look just as good in a log basket. 


For true value for money our Backwell Woodland Mix bags meet most customers requirements. They all burn well and because they tend to be smaller they are particularly suited to smaller log burners. The Backwell Woodland Mix also have the bonus of being locally sourced, either from our own woodland or from the surround area in Bristol and North Somerset. 



Ken Edis 

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