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Firewood Facts

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FIREWOOD FACTS  - We hope this factsheet will be useful for you when choosing your firewood.


Here at Backwell Logs we are certified by Woodsure Ltd, which is the DEFRA-appointed certification body to administer the ‘Ready to Burn’ scheme, as recognised in The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuel Standards England) Regulations 2020. 

We regularly check our logs using a moisture meter.

Not only do logs burn better with a low moisture content, but they are also much safer for the environment as they smoke less, creating less tar and fewer emissions and saves the need of frequent cleaning of your flues meaning for most of us we will only need the chimney swept once a year.



Tends to be much denser than softwood and achieves a slower, long-lasting hot burn.

Many of our barrow and handy bags are hardwood, produced locally and seasoned all year round on-site.


Firewood Types:


  • One of the best firewoods
  • High density, burns slow and long lasting
  • High energy content
  • Great for smoking meats, especially beef or lamb
  • Can take up to 2 years to season
  • Good heat output
  • Best when seasoned well



  • Burns well
  • High density, burns slow and long lasting
  • Great in a pizza oven
  • Little to no smell
  • Glows bright yellow



  • Great fire starter
  • Burns quickly so it is often best mixed with a slow burner (such as oak)
  • Birch bark can make a good firelighter
  • Burns relatively clean, smells great
  • Smokes less
  • Faster heat due to it being less dense



  • Good heat output, good flame and burns slowly
  • Naturally low moisture content
  • Provides a strong heat with few sparks
  • A member of the olive family, it contains oils that enhance burning potential



The woodland mix may contain Softwood, its a great alternative to Hardwood and is great value for money.



  • Harder then most softwoods (hard softwood)
  • Easy sawn and machined
  • Recommended as one of the best firewoods


Scots Pine

  • Good burner
  • Ignites a fire faster



  • A good start-of-fire accelerator 
  • Same heat output as hardwood



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