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The Most Polluting Fuels to be Banned in Homes From 2021 - How Will This Effect Backwell Logs Customer?

Posted by Amy Langan on

With the world looking to be proactive about climate change, protecting the environment and our personal health, the government have announced they are going to introduce restrictions on the sales of the most polluting fuels. Unseasoned or wet logs, along with coal produce some of the worst levels of pollution, we breath this in and it can damage flues and chimneys.

The good news is, Backwell Logs sell well seasoned and kiln dried firewood - so there will be no change in the products that we are already selling to our customers. We guarantee a moisture content of under 20% this means that when you get your delivery, your logs are ready to burn and won't be effected by these new laws.

The wood we harvest from our woodland, Backwell Woods, is brought down to our yard and left to season for up to a year. The timber is then processed and left in creates to season for at least another 9 months until it meets the required moisture contents.  

What else is Backwell Logs doing to help the environment? 

We have an electric van which we use for our smaller deliveries of Handy Bags and Kindling. The van is charged using electricity generated from solar panels on one of our sheds and is the perfect vehicle for delivering into Bristol and the surrounding area.

 We have also introduced a new product, the Handy Box which is the same great Birch firewood as our Handy Bags but with no plastic packaging. The cardboard box is easy to handle, recyclable or can be used to help light your fire - so no waste at all.

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