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Why Get A Wood Burning Stove?

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So I think it is fair to say that wood burning stoves are bang on trend. It’s no longer considered necessary to own a huge country house or sprawling farm to have a real fire burning away in the corner of your living room or kitchen, those with terraced houses or even flats can now get in on the action. They look great, they smell even better and they make any home cosy but what other benefits do they bring?

The cost of a wood burning stove varies greatly depending on size and style and then you have to factor in the

installation which can cost just as much, if not more. This makes acquiring a wood burning stove quite a consideration for most but can they help you save money in the long run? Wood burning stove manufacturers all claim that yes, your heating bills will be significantly less if you use your stove efficiently. With gas and electricity bills sky high these days, stoves offer a much cheaper way to heat your house. Manufacturers would claim this though wouldn’t they? However, did you know that a stove will emit heat long after it has actually gone out? This means it is literally heating your home for free. Also, wood burning stoves are reliable. They don’t rely on technology and therefore have next to zero risk of failure meaning you can be toasty warm whatever the circumstances.

Arguably the most popular reason for purchasing a stove however is the environment. A wood burning stove is marketed as eco-friendly thanks to its ability to be carbon neutral. Carbon dioxide is given off when burning wood however this is neutralised by the carbon dioxide absorbed by the tree before it is felled and chopped into logs. Wood logs are also a renewable fuel as long as you get them from a reputable supplier such as Backwell Woods.


Saving money and the environment are obviously strong arguments for buying a stove but I want to just throw some basics in the mix too which I touched on earlier. For one thing, they give off a unique heat which just can’t be emulated with gas heaters – it is cosy and smells lovely. On top of this, they look great! A real fire flickering away in your home will transform it as I defy anyone not to be hypnotised by flames. Whether you use your stove daily or just to create a lovely atmosphere on the weekend, in my opinion you will glean great enjoyment from having a wood burning stove.

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