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Air Seasoned Yew Barrow Bag

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Wood Type: Yew - Air Seasoned (Ready to Burn Certified)



This wood is from local sources, either our own woodland or land close by in North Somerset and been seasoned in our wood barn to below 20% moisture content.


Bag Sizes: 

  • Country Barrow Bag: 45cm x 45cm x 95cm


About Yew 

Yew has a beautiful rich red colour, producing logs that are heavy and even denser than oak. You'll need a good hot fire to get yew to start burning but once you do, you'll get a long, slow burn: perfect for keeping a fire going during the winter months. These logs also produce a lot of heat, and don't snap or crackle, producing very few sparks.

As a hardwood, yew can be difficult to light, especially when starting a new fire. You'll want to make sure you have good kindling to your fire started: but, once you do, yew will produce a slow-burning fire with excellent heat output.

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